Below you will find 30 years prints and posters broken out by decade. During this period Caruso favoured the technique of etching, where he would engrave in reverse directly onto zinc plates, and use acid to dissolve away the unprotected metal to create the print.


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Throughout the 1950’s Caruso worked closely with the ‘Il Torcoliere’ Printing House in Rome to produce this series of Italian neorealist prints, focused on the suburbs, warehouses, hospitals and fishing villages of his native Palermo.



After moving to Rome and travelling across the world, the 1960’s saw Caruso’s style branch out to include themes of racism, war, greed and corruption. He was in the US during the week of the Kennedy assassination and was guest of the North Vietnamese government, where he witnessed first-hand the horrors of the Vietnam War.



The 1970’s saw Caruso continue to interrogate humanity’s moral shortcomings, but he slowly began returning to themes and subject matter from his hometown of Palermo like the Psychiatric Wards and Botanical Gardens, as well as illustrating classic work by poets and writers like Ibn Hamdis.



Below is a selection of posters designed by Caruso, or created for his exhibitions and book launches.