Bruno Caruso was an influential Sicilian artist, illustrator and political satirist whose work focused on the moral, political and ethical flaws of the 20th Century.



Browse a selection of Caruso's most iconic work; explore oils and ink drawings, posters and prints; and learn about his most important exhibitions.

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Meet the man behind the easel. Take a journey through the 20th century with selection of photos, awards and a brief biography of Caruso's life.

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Explore a selection of Caruso’s most important collections, anthologies, and illustrations, as well as over twenty years of catalogues

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“A contemporary realist painter of considerable satirical and socially minded gifts”


An Brief Overview

For over 80 years Caruso's work has borne witness to the barbarity, corruption and isolation of the modern age; from the stark ink & oils of the post war years; to the furious political sketches of the 1960’s; cutting etchings of the 1970’s & 1980’s; and finally, the meticulously crafted flower baskets & Roman ruins of the late 20th Century.

This is Caruso’s official website, and it focuses on the first 35 years of his life as an artist. These were the years when the fire burnt strongest in him, before the promise of Communism flickered and died and he began retreating into the wonder of nature and tides of history.