Caruso's work has ended up in the collections of key patrons of the arts, including Helena Rubenstein, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Avedon & Irene Brin. In this section you can see an overview of his most important Inks & Oils, or you can click below to view his 100 most important pieces from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s

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Caruso believed that there was something special about the technique of etching that elevated it beyond tradition forms of artistic expression. Below you will find a selection of his key etchings, lithographs and prints from the 1950s through to 1980.



Caruso’s work has been exhibited for over 70 years across Italy, France, the US and UK. Below is a selection of his most important group and solo shows.


  • 1951, Palermo, Galleria Zabara: Sicilian Painters

  • 1952, Palermo, La Serenella: Bruno Caruso

  • 1954, Rome, L'Obelisco: Bruno Caruso

  • 1954, Venice, Venice Biennale

  • 1954, Cincinnati, MOMA: Young Italian Painters

  • 1954, Wakefield, City Art Gallery: Group

  • 1955, US Tour, 20 Imaginary Views: Group

  • 1955, London, Arthur Jeffress Gallery: Bruno Caruso

  • 1955Venice, Third Esso Prize

  • 1955, Milan, Galleria del Sole: Bruno Caruso

  • 1955Rome, VII Rome Quadriennale

  • 1955, Minnesota, Weisman Art Museum: Group

  • 1955, Sydney, L'Obelisco of Rome at David Jones

  • 1956, Rome, Galleria dell'Obelisco: Bruno Caruso

  • 1956, Zurich, Galerie H.U. Gasser: Bruno Caruso

  • 1956, London, Tate Gallery: Modern Italian Art

  • 1957, Rome, Galleria d'Arte Moderna

  • 1958, Palermo, Galleria Flaccovio: Bruno Caruso

  • 1958, Milan, La Permanente: Young Italian Artists

  • 1958, Rome, Galleria dell'Obelisco: Bruno Caruso

  • 1958, Berlin, Akademie Der Kunst: Italienische Kunst

  • 1958, Paris, Galerie d'Art Moderne: Paris Biennale

  • 1959, Lima, Pintura Italiana

  • 1959, San Francisco, MOMA: Italy Three Directions

  • 1959, Paris, Galerie Rive Gauche: Bruno Caruso

  • 1961, São Paulo, Galleria Sistina: Bruno Caruso

  • 1962, New York, ACA Gallery: Italian Art Today

  • 1963, Tokyo, Institute of Culture

  • 1963, Alexandria, V Biennale of the Mediterranean

  • 1964, Moscow, Exhibition of 6 Graphic Artists